CSD_8269-57 - croppedWhat’s Happening at CSD?

Fall Registration!

Registration is available for our Fall sessions & classes.  Sign up today!

CSD Open Houses & Dance Swap!

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 6-8pm
Thursday, Sept. 5, 6-8pm

FREE Hip Hop Workshops! – Wed. Sept. 4th 

– We can’t wait for classes to start so we are offering FREE hip hop workshops on Wednesday, September 4th with Jonathan Arsenault!  Inter/Senior (ages 13+) 6-7pm and Junior (ages 7-12) 7-8pm.  Sign up online today – only 25 spots per workshop! 

Classes start! – Sat. Sept. 7th 

– We are excited for fall classes to start on Saturday, September 7th. Visit our Important Dates page for our yearly calendar of dates!

CSD P.D. Day Camp! – Fri. Sept. 20th

–  Come join us in outerspace for our P.D. Day camp, “CSD is Out of this World!” on Friday, Septemeber 20th, 9am-4pm.  Ages 6-10  Before & After Care available.  Register HERE

Ballet Bun Week! – Sept. 23rd – 28th 

– We will be spending the first 15 minutes of each ballet class to teach parents and students how to make a proper ballet bun!  

Three years ago, we went looking for a new dance studio that offered performance opportunities without competition. We also dearly wanted a place that would be considerate about age-appropriate music, costumes and choreography but honestly weren’t sure if that existed. We found all that we were looking for in CSD and have been so grateful for the healthy, professional and highly motivating atmosphere for our dancer. The longer we are with CSD, the more we are coming to understand all of the layers of benefits of belonging to a school of dance where classes and exams follow developmentally appropriate international dance curriculum and all students work towards a common high standard. It fuels my soul to see dancers work collaboratively to learn choreography and create dances that focus on telling a story with authentic and artistic expression. Our dancer has the opportunity to practice skills and techniques in class and also to perform and perfect a range of dances in each discipline every year. Although the standards for achievement are high, there is no focus on winning or doing moves for points or applause, and no competition between dancers for scores or praise. Our dancer has needed to learn how to take feedback and cooperatively make corrections for improvement, and her qualified instructors help her to practice that life-long learning skill in every class. Our 13-year-old dancer has expressed that she appreciates that everyone is equal and that there is no social status system in place because there are not two tiers (rec and comp) and because everyone wears the same professional looking uniform. The focus at CSD is on team-work along with physical and emotional health. We couldn’t be happier that this is where our dancer is spending her teenage years.

~ Jenny Soehner

Our 8 year old daughter has been attending CSD for the past few years and during that time we have seen her love of dance grow incredibly. Thanks to the support of her teachers, fellow students, teaching assistants and the older students who love helping out the younger dancers, she has built up so much confidence – not just in dance, but in her day-to-day life, as well. As shy as she can be, she absolutely loves performing with CSD and is often sad when the dance year is done. CSD really is a wonderful community of dancers and people and we are so happy to be a part of it. And as a parent who volunteers often, I need to commend Christine and her staff on always being so organized and attentive which makes my participation run so smoothly.  It’s always a pleasure to take part. Thanks for all you do!  

~ Catherine and John Hendy