Why choose CSD?

Why Choose Us?

Aren’t ALL dance studios the same?

All dance studios are not the same.  As a parent, we realize you have a choice between several different dance schools, which is why we support our expert teachers in professional development to ensure we are always providing our students and parents with the best possible dance experience. We are always looking to improve our facilities and business practices.

We invite you to compare all of the features and options available at Contemporary School of Dance!  There is a reason why we were voted BEST DANCE STUDIO in K-W (Diamond or Platinum) for TEN years in a row!


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What’s in a name?

Contemporary School of Dance was named for its’ modern or new approach to operating a dance studio.  We are different than other traditional dance studios and are proud of it!  We not only provide the most current dance styles and methods of teaching, but also offer up-to-date administrative aspects to the school, including online registration and email correspondence.  The school is continually evolving and improving and embracing new and contemporary ideas in dance!

Dear Christine and other faculty at CSD,  We were so very impressed by the style of dance, the interesting choreography, the thoughtful themes and the huge variety represented in the different dances at the June show.  We laughed and cried and were moved by the stories told through dance.  We are grateful and relieved for the age-appropriate costuming, music, themes and dance moves.  It was, for example, heartening to see dancers portraying emotion about the writing process in the Dance Company piece, and children telling children’s stories through dance, rather than having boyfriends and flirting be the dominant themes of dances as we have seen at other studios.  Your studio stands out as a place for children to learn artistic expression, and to be physically and emotionally healthy.  We are glad to have found you and to have made this match that suits our daughter and our family so well.  We can’t thank you enough for the influence you are having on our daughter.  She loves her teachers and has commented several times about all of the “new moves” she has learned.  She wants to say a big thank you to all of her teachers for the energy, time and creativity they put into working on choreography, themes, costumes and music.

– Jody and Jenny

Dance brings such joy to my daughter – honestly, dance class is the best part of her day.  Even a bad day at school isn’t so bad if it is a dance day!  At her previous studio that was competition based, she lost the joy dance brings.  Your studio offers a welcoming environment for our children to enjoy dance.  It is truly a studio where children learn to dance for the love of it while learning proper and safe technique!

– Rosemary Springett