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ages 6 and up

Students are trained in classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, which progresses through the Graded levels: Primary, Grades 1-8, and through Vocational Graded levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

The graded levels concentrate on the pleasure of movement and musicality, with the development of technique, artistry and self-discipline evolving throughout the levels. Emphasis is placed on proper posture and alignment, correct and safe technique, and a genuine sense of performance. The children’s syllabus includes classical ballet, character and free movement.

Ballet is offered once per week; however starting at the Grade 1 level, students are also invited to take Ballet Exam classes if they want to pursue RAD ballet examinations.   Students at Grade 1 level and up must take a minimum of two dance classes per week. 

The Vocational Graded levels are for more serious students who have successfully attained the fundamentals of the graded syllabus, and include pointe work. Students interested in Vocational Ballet examinations MUST take their regular ballet class, a Ballet Exam class, a Variations class, Pointe class and Open Senior PBT.  

It is recommended that all Ballet Exam students take a PBT (conditioning) class, but it is mandatory at the Vocational levels.  

Ballet is recommended to all students, either to be studied on its own or to enhance a dancers’ training in other genres.   Please see current schedule for class times.

Maximum Class Size: 25 students

ages 12 and up

Pointe classes are by invitation only as proper technique and strength is required.  This decision is not made lightly – our dancers’ health is our first priority.

Students are invited first to take our Grade 5/6 Preparatory Pointe class, where they learn about the anatomy of the foot, how to prepare their feet (skin and nails), specific stretches and strengthening exercises for the foot, the history of pointework and pointe shoes, as well as how to properly care for pointe shoes. 

When students are a minimum age of 12, and are deemed ready to start pointework, they are invited to take our Beginner Pointe class, where they continue to work on developing flexibility and strength in the feet and eventually earn their pointe shoes.  When they are ready, the entire pointe class goes on a fieldtrip to The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto, to be fit for their first pair of pointe shoes.  This is an exciting rite of passage as a ballet dancer and we make sure that they receive the best fitting pointe shoes possible!  

Pointe is the most highly disciplined and physically challenging extension of ballet. Only technically proficient senior level ballet students who have mastered the skills of basic and advanced movement and positions will be selected to study pointe work.  Alignment, placement, posture, physicality, stamina, stability and coordination will all be considered criteria.  Students must attend a minimum of two ballet classes per week in order to keep up with the technical demands of pointework.

Please note that we recommend ALL pointe students have their pointe shoes fitted at The Shoe Room.