ages 6 and up

Students have the opportunity to learn a combination of several jazz styles which provides a broad experience in this dance form.  Students train in the Imperial Society of Dancing (ISTD) Modern Theatre Dance (Jazz) syllabus, which progresses through the Graded levels: Grades 1-6, Jazz Awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold, and the Vocational Graded levels: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. Through this carefully planned and well-tried syllabus, young people are trained to become disciplined and versatile dancers who have a professional attitude towards dance.

The children’s jazz work is age-appropriate material based on natural movements: walking, running, jumping and skipping, as well as isolations and rhythm. It is designed to encourage an imaginative and rapid response to music and to promote an appreciation and enjoyment of jazz.  Classes include traditional and up-to-date jazz movements, which improve coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and rhythmic awareness. The Primary level jazz curriculum is included in our Pre-Primary program.

Starting at the Grade 1 Jazz level, students are invited to pursue their ISTD Jazz examinations.  Students at the Grade 2 Jazz level and higher must take a minimum of two dance classes per week and have separate Jazz Exam classes. 

The vocational levels are for more serious students who have achieved the fundamentals of the graded syllabus and usually require a ballet background because of the high standard of technique. They are designed to increase the skill and understanding of Jazz and require a highly developed sense of performance.   Students interested in taking Vocational Jazz Exams must also take their regular jazz class.  Please see current schedule for class times.

Maximum Class Size: 25 students