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CSD's Online Dance Education

We are excited to offer online classes through CSD Virtual Studio!

To start your online dance training:

1. Please find your specific class(es) in the list of dance classes below – be sure to choose the correct level/class name. 

2. Click on the name of your class – this will take you to your password-protected class area in Dropbox.

3. Use the password(s) that have been distributed to classes via email.  Check your inbox for important class information.

Class Video Disclaimer:  Although we will be adapting class material to be safely performed in an at-home setting, CSD will not be held responsible for personal injuries that could occur.  It is the dancers’ or parents’ responsibility to ensure that dancers have a safe space to move during their at-home learning.

Choreography folders for 2019-2020 students

Junior School

Kindies in Motion          Pre-Primary          Tap – Pre-Primary and Primary


Ballet – Primary          Ballet – Grade 1               Ballet – Grade 2          Ballet – Grade 3/4          Ballet – Grade 5/6          Ballet – Intermediate Foundations/Intermediate          Ballet – Open Senior


Contemporary – Grade 2/3 and Grade 4/5          Contemporary – Grade 6/Intermediate Foundations          Contemporary – Open Senior          

Dance Company

CSD Dance Company A & B         CSD Dance Company C & D          

Hip Hop

Hip Hop – Boys, Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6          Hip Hop – Intermediate Foundations/Intermediate and Open Senior


Jazz – Grade 1/2          Jazz – Grade 3/4          Jazz – Grade 5/6          Jazz – Open Senior                    

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre – Grade 3/4          Musical Theatre – Grade 5/6          Musical Theatre – Intermediate Foundations/Intermediate         


Pointe – Intermediate Foundations          Pointe – Intermediate          Pointe – Advanced            


Tap – Pre-Primary and Primary         Tap – Grade 1           Tap – Grade 2          Tap – Grade 3/4         Tap – Grade 5/6          Tap – Open Senior

First, thank you so much for all of the hard work you have put into making the rest of this dance season happen during the pandemic. I know that countless hours have gone into setting up zoom meetings, keeping the virtual studio happening and up to date as well as maintaining the FB page, etc. Bravo!!…not to mention everything else that still has happened as normal as possible with costumes, June activities etc. You are amazing and your staff have also stepped up and provided meaningful lessons etc. Continuing with dance has been a great motivator for Grace and has helped to “anchor” her and keep her connected to her relationships with CSD.

– Angie Murray