Annual June Production


Annual June Production

In June, we share our annual professional production.  This year our 22nd annual performance will be held at Theatre of the Arts in the Modern Languages building at the University of Waterloo.

Starting at the level of Kindies in Motion, students have the opportunity to participate in our year-end productions.   The theatre experience can be overwhelming for little ones, so our younger dancers in PreSchool do not participate in the year-end show; instead, they have an informal presentation in the studio during their last class each session to share with parents and family members!  Students in Kindies in Motion, Pre-Primary, and Primary will participate in one of our matinee shows, Grade 1 through Grade 4 will participate in two of our shows, and all other dancers in Grade 5 and up will participate in all three performances.

The production is a constructive way to end the year as it gives students a chance to demonstrate to parents and friends how they have progressed.   Performing on stage gives students increased confidence and self-esteem!

Production June 2019

Our Production 2019 Newsletter contains everything you will need to know about our June Production!  It provides parents with a comprehensive overview of our show and what to expect!  Every student MUST submit a Production Commitment Form (last page of the CSD June Production 2019 Newsletter) to inform the studio if they will be participating in the year-end show or not.  If you are able to participate, a costume deposit of $50.00 per class as well as $40.00 per family for DanceBUG account is due by the deadline: November 30, 2018.

CSD June Production 2019 Newsletter!

A detailed rehearsal schedule is provided in April each year in our Rehearsal Newsletter.  For each class, dancers will rehearse their piece once at our In-studio rehearsal and once at the theatre prior to their performance.  All rehearsals are mandatory, as it is important that dancers have time to properly rehearse together.  Our rehearsals are scheduled in short sections to help minimize time commitment by dancers and parents.

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 9am at

We create a beautiful, high quality show programme (1000 count), which will be handed out to all audience members at both performances.  It is a great opportunity to increase publicity for your business.  Please consider advertising in our show programme – your advertisement will reach over 400 families in Waterloo region.  Ad deadline: May 15, 2019.  The advertisement booking form will be on the last page of the Production Rehearsal Newsletter.

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Important 2019 Production Dates!  Rehearsals are absolutely MANDATORY!

Saturday, June 8th        Mandatory Rehearsals at CSD Studio
Sunday, June 9th         Mandatory Photo Day at CSD Studio
Wednesday, June 12th          Mandatory Rehearsals at the theatre
Thursday, June 13th          Mandatory Rehearsals at the theatre
Friday, June 14th          Mandatory Rehearsals at the theatre
Saturday, June 15th, 1:00pm & 7:00pm         Performances
Sunday, June 16th, 1:00pm          Performance

How many days are there until the In-Studio Rehearsal on Saturday, June 8th?

Sorry, this date has now expired!

We just wanted to pass along our thanks for such a great show yesterday!  Grace has thoroughly enjoyed her time at CSD over the past two years and it has been so rewarding for us as parents to see her grow so much as a dancer over this time. All of the staff that Grace has come in contact with, through regular classes and Company, have been exceptional. We have seen a change in her and her desire to dance and we know that is a result of the hard work that you and your staff have put in to making both class and rehearsal time not only an opportunity to learn but also an opportunity to share the love of dance.Last night’s show was a great example of the welcoming and inspiring dance community that you have worked so hard to provide. We are feeling very lucky to have this opportunity for Grace and just wanted to add our congratulations to such a momentous anniversary! We are looking forward to many more years of dance with CSD!

– Angie and Neil Murray

Hi Christine,  I hope you are taking time to bask in the many compliments I bet you are receiving.  Let me add mine!  I was so thrilled to see Ainsley perform in the weekend shows.  I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of the production, the costumes, the music….and the creativity of the choreography.  The show was highly entertaining from beginning to end.  I loved the whole thing — and the fact that my own daughter was able to perform in such an amazing production was truly thrilling.  Thank you so much to her teachers for introducing her to the world of dance, and especially, for recognizing her for Outstanding Achievement.  That means a lot to Ainsley. Again, hats off to you and your staff for a job amazingly well done.   Thank you!

– Helen Durnin

Congratulations on an exceptional recital last night. The first half especially was truly an achievement,especially for the main girls. Well done. Our family has been involved with and attended many recitals and this was definitely the best to date. You’ve raised the bar.

– Toni Lemon

The 2008 performances were really top notch. All of my family has worked in theatre – my parents, for all of their lives. Everyone was fully impressed. We all agreed that it was in a different league than many other performances of its kind.

– Justine Heinrichsberg

Thank you for the incredible efforts you and your staff went to in putting together such a fantastic Production!  It really was impressive.  I was remarking to a friend of mine who also has a child in CSD how you make all the children look good.  Every dance had a professional quality to it. I have found this to be the case in every production I have had the pleasure of seeing over the past four years.  The dances are engaging and evoke a range of emotions on the part of the audience—they have made me laugh and they have brought tears to my eyes.  The costumes are spectacular and really add to the entire experience.  Congratulations to you and your staff for your excellent work!  Our children are so lucky to have CSD.

– Elaine Ranney

Congratulations should go to you and your dance teachers. The show was artistically balanced on all levels…colour, texture, line…all the elements were fully integrated. As well, the teachers reflect a confidence and warmth that is passed on to all dancers. There is a human touch to your school that is most valuable to all the dancers who attend.

– Jane St. Amour Raymond