COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Procedures

COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures

To ensure the health and safety of our students and faculty, we will implement the following policies and procedures to mitigate risks related to COVID-19.  We will follow safety guidelines outlined by the Ontario government and Waterloo Regional Public Health and as such, our policies and procedures are subject to change as provincial and regional guidelines evolve. 


Contemporary School of Dance is proud to be a DANCE SAFE ONTARIO studio and we have implemented the protocols suggested. Contemporary School of Dance has also committed to the POST Promise, which signifies a commitment to implement and practice the five key steps to workplace safety, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



Here is a video to show what BACK-TO-DANCE looks like at CSD!

What Contemporary School of Dance is doing to keep students safe:

  • Faculty/staff will not report to work if, within the last 14 days, they have been unwell or have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

  • Faculty/staff will complete a Health Questionnaire each time they report to work.

  • We will post signs with safety information as reminders at our entrances and throughout the studio.  Signage will include: hand hygiene, mask by-law, physical distance reminders, self-assessment health questions, etc.

  • We will wear masks/face coverings when entering the building and moving throughout common areas, in accordance with the Waterloo Region Face-covering By-Law.

  • We will wash and sanitize our hands often. Hand sanitizing stations will be set up at both entrances, as well as at each studio door for staff and student use. 

  • We will use a government-approved disinfectant daily throughout the studio to ensure that our dancers, faculty and staff are kept safe. In addition, we will disinfect the ballet barres, common touch points, and dance floors between every class as needed. We will keep a logbook for all cleaning tasks. 

  • We will take attendance for every class for contact tracing.

  • Class sizes will be limited due to physical distance measures and the size of each dance studio according to the provincial government’s requirements for indoor facilities. A hybrid of in-studio and at-home learning will be used via ZOOM when necessary.

  • No shared props will be used. We will provide students in Toddler & Me, PreSchool, Kindies in Motion and Pre-Primary with a prop kit that they will take home and bring back for each class.

  • There will be no body contact (e.g. hugs, high fives, holding hands, partner work, etc.).

What Dancers & Parents Can Expect During Drop-Off, Class Time and Pick-up:

  • UPDATE! Anyone entering Contemporary School of Dance MUST complete the CSD Pre-Visit Health Questionnaire Screening Form prior to arrival EACH time they enter the facility.  Here is a QR code that will link you directly to the Screening form to complete. The QR code will also be posted at the entrance to the studio and the link will be emailed to students.  Students must not come to class if, within the last 14 days, they have been unwell or have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

  • Parents are asked to advise the studio of any absences from class via email.

  • Students are encouraged to use the washroom and wash their hands at home, prior to coming to the studio. This will reduce the number of washroom visits during classes.  

  • EVERYONE entering CSD must wear a face mask/covering, except children 2 and under.  We keep masks on while dancing – this is safer for everyone! Our teachers will be sure to balance faster and slower paced activities to regulate breathing and will offer ‘mask-breaks’ when needed. Dancers must wear a fresh, clean mask for each dance class.

  • For GREEN, YELLOW & ORANGE ZONE, All dancers will ENTER through our FRONT door (King Street side).  All dancers will EXIT through the BACK door into our rear parking lot. Just remember: “In the Front, Out the Back!”  For RED ZONE, dancers in studio A & B will ENTER & EXIT through our FRONT door (King Street side) and dancers in studio C & D will ENTER & EXIT through the BACK door (rear parking lot). 

  • Students should remain in their vehicle until approximately 5 minutes before class. Then, students should line up outside the studio, practicing physical distancing.  Parents may line up with younger dancers but will not be allowed to enter the building at this time (with the exception of Toddler & Me, PreSchool, Kindies in Motion, and Pre-Primary dancers).  

  • Students ages 6+ are asked to come into the building independently. Our lobby will not be available for parents.    

  • Toddler & Me (1.5 – 3 years) and PreSchool (3 – 4 years) programs: One parent will be asked to accompany their dancer for Toddler & Me and PreSchool classes. Parents participating in Toddler & Me and PreSchool classes will need to follow all of the policies and procedures and will stay inside the dance box with their child during class. Parents will be encouraged to support their child’s learning and help with our physical distancing measures.  

  • Kindies in Motion (ages 4-5) and Pre-Primary (ages 5-6): One parent is permitted to help their dancer enter the building (including hand sanitization, help getting dance shoes on and lining up physically-distanced), then the dancers will enter the studio room on their own and parents must return to their vehicles. No other family members (including siblings) will be allowed in the studio. Please plan your trips to the studio accordingly.

  • Everyone entering and exiting Contemporary School of Dance will be required to use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizing stations will be set up at studio entrances as well as entrances to each studio.  Children will be supervised. 

  • Students will follow social distance floor decals in the waiting areas to line up for classes. All furniture has been removed from the waiting areas for the time being.  The playroom, kitchen area, and all changerooms will be closed for now.

  • Students should come dressed and ready for class. They should bring a small dance bag and/or plastic bin for their dance shoes and water bottle and also to put their outside clothing in.  Any clothing that is worn into the studio must fit into their dance bag/bin, including coats and boots.  The dance bag/bin will remain with students while they are at the studio, as all three changerooms are currently closed. Students and parents are encouraged to wipe all items with sanitizer wipes before & after coming to the studio.  Dancers are also encouraged to have their own small bottle of hand sanitizer, labelled with their name.

  • Our Lost and Found is closed.  Please label your items.

  • Students will enter the studio, placing their belongings in their assigned spot and then will move to their dance box.

  • Each studio has 6ft x 6ft dance boxes outlined in colourful tape to mark each dancer’s dance space with a buffer zone between boxes. This will help to guide students to keep physically distanced during class. We will adhere to all provincial guidelines for physical distancing.

  • Students are permitted to use the studio washroom if needed, and must practice physical distancing and wear a mask when moving from the studio to the washroom (if over the age of 2). They must wash their hands and use the hand sanitizer before re-entering the studio space.

  • Dancers will be reminded to avoid touching their face (eyes/nose/mouth) and to practice respiratory etiquette (coughing/sneezing into a bent elbow, disposing of tissue in the trash and using hand sanitizer).

  • When class is over, students will line up practicing physical distancing. They will use the hand sanitizer as they leave the building. Children will be supervised.

  • Parents are asked to be punctual when picking up their dancers. Parents of younger students should line up to collect their children – when the teacher sees you, they will call for your dancer. Parents can also text dancers that have phones when they arrive in the parking lot. Our staff will help dancers exit the building!  

At-Home Learning on Zoom!

  • All dance classes are available via ZOOM. We have upgraded to high speed internet and each studio is equipped with a smart TV, chrome book and webcam in order to make ZOOM an option for everyone.

  • If our class registration exceeds the number of people permitted in our facility, we will implement a hybrid class rotation system, so that everyone has a chance to dance in-person at the studio. This would mean alternating one week in the studio and one week dancing at home on ZOOM. 

  • If you would prefer to ONLY dance at home, you may choose to take classes virtually every week. Students can login to ZOOM from home and participate in their class via ZOOM, in real time, as the in-person class happens at the studio. If and when you choose to re-join the in-studio classes, your dancer will be at the same point in their training as the rest of the class.

  • If a dancer or anyone in their household is unwell, the dancer will not be permitted to attend class at the studio. In this instance, students will be able to participate in class via ZOOM at home and will limit potential exposure to their classmates.  

  • Similarly, if a faculty member is not feeling well, but is well enough to teach, we will avoid cancelling classes and teach via ZOOM (either with students supervised at the studio, or at home on ZOOM – communicated on a case by case basis).

  • If one of our teachers needs to self-isolate for any reason, this can be supported by having classes run on ZOOM.

  • No more Snow Days! We can dance on ZOOM!

  • If Contemporary School of Dance is required to suspend in-studio classes due to an emergency declaration or other required closure, all classes will continue via ZOOM. Refunds and discounts will not be provided for ZOOM classes.  Please refer to our Tuition Fee Policies available at our website for more information.

Feeling Ill?

  • Dancers/family members who become ill or are displaying or feeling symptoms must self-isolate and will not be permitted to participate in dance classes.

  • If a dancer exhibits COVID-19 related symptoms while at the studio, the dancer will be taken to a separate room and their family will be notified immediately to come pick them up.  

  • The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other illnesses, including the cold and flu. At this time, it is recommended that any dancer who has any respiratory symptoms or any symptoms of illness will be sent home. Public Health Ontario has provided helpful guidance on self-monitoring and self-isolation. In addition, the dancer should complete the CSD Pre-Visit Health Questionnaire Screening Form.  If they answer “YES” to any questions, they may not enter and should contact their health provider, public health and/or Telehealth: 1-866-797-0000.

Thank you for your cooperation!

It will take the efforts of each one of us to keep our dance community safe!  Thank you for doing your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.