Dance Uniform

Why does CSD have a dance uniform?

Having the same attire for all students in a class maintains equality and allows students to focus on their dancing rather than their wardrobe.  Fitted dance wear helps the teachers see the students’ bodies and lines for appropriate alignment and placement.  Cleanliness of uniform in general is important for all students not only for comfort but to instill a sense of self-discipline.  The dance uniform should be respected at all levels of dance – it will be STRICTLY adhered to.  Being properly dressed and groomed for class shows that you respect the art of dance and are proud to be a dancer.

What should I wear to dance class?

We are in the process of updating our Dance Uniform requirements – we will update our students when the new information is available!  Please note that jewelry is not appropriate for dance class for safety reasons. Long earrings and necklaces can get caught in hair or clothing while moving, and rings can cause scratches or injury as well.  Please leave all jewelry at home.  Medic alert bracelets are permitted!


Where do I purchase my dance uniform?

CSD Gear (sweatpants, sweaters, long sleeve tops, tank tops, scarves, headbands, legwarmers, baseball caps, mugs, bumper stickers, therabands, water bottles, lanyards, toques, neck warmers, key chains, etc.) can be purchased in the CSD office during office hours. We also sell bun kits, nude suits in a variety of flesh-tones, and convertible tights (Child & Adult sizes) in ballet pink or caramel for tap.  We can also order any other flesh-tone colours of tights – come to the office to choose your preferred colour.

We usually have a Dance Swap area in the rear lobby of the studio throughout the year, where parents can buy and sell gently used dance wear and shoes that are part of the CSD Dance Uniform.  We have temporarily closed our Dance Swap area, but it will re-open when we feel it is safe to do so. 

Dance wear items and shoes will be available either through CSD or will be available for purchase at Inspirations Dancewear store on St. Leger Street in Kitchener or The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto.   

Label Everything!

Students are encouraged to label all of their dancewear, shoes, water bottles, hand sanitizer, etc. so that if they are misplaced, they can easily be returned to the dancer!  Need labels?  CSD has an ongoing fundraiser with Mabel’s Labels.

Mabel LOGOMabel’s Labels has Iron-Ons, Stickies, Bag Tags, Allergy Alert labels & more!  Personalize your labels with names, nicknames, initials – whatever you choose. Cool icons help everyone identify their own belongings. Dishwasher, microwave, laundry & kid tested!

Click here to go to CSD’s Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser Page!

How should I style my hair for dance class?

BalletBunKitIn general, hair should ALWAYS be put up for dance class, with hair pulled away from the face and neck.  For ballet, dancers are required to wear a proper ballet bun.  The studio sells bun kits in the office for $3.00 and our ‘How to Make a Bun’ information sheet is available below.  However, students with textured hair may choose a different hairstyle (french twist, braids, etc.) as long as the hair is off the face and neck and is secure.  For all other classes, students should have hair up in a ponytail or other style that keeps hair pulled back away from face and neck.  Having hair groomed neatly instills a sense of discipline, is less distracting for the dancer, and allows the teacher to see the line of the neck and head properly without distraction.

Click here to download our How to Make a Proper Ballet Bun Sheet!