Special Discounts

Multiple Class Discounts

Multiple Class Discount:

Multiple Class Discounts are built into our fee structure.  Tuition fees are paid based on the number of hours per week of classes; as the number of hours per week increases, the fee per hour decreases.  Please see our fee chart above for further details.

Full Year Early Payment Discount

Full Year Early Payment Discount:

5% full year payment discount applies on or before August 1, 2018.  The full year payment discount is only applicable to full year tuition and is not applicable to session-based programs (fall, winter, spring).  Please note: if a student withdraws from the program, the yearly fees will be non-refundable.

Unlimited Discount

Unlimited Discount:

When students register for classes that total seven or more hours per week, they pay our Unlimited Fee, which entitles them to take an unlimited number of classes per week.  The unlimited fee does not apply to session-based classes, examination fees, coaching classes, private classes or workshops during the year.  Sibling discounts also do not apply to unlimited fees.

Sibling Discount

Sibling Discount:

Additional children in the same family are eligible for a 20% sibling discount.  The discount is not taken off fees for the first student, but it is applied to the fees of any number of siblings thereafter. The sibling discount is always applied to the lesser fees. The sibling discount does not apply to adult classes,  summer camps, or dancers in the Unlimited Fee category.

CSD Alumni Discount

CSD Alumni Discount:

All students who graduate from CSD will be offered 50% discount on tuition fees.  Please contact the school’s director for this discount.

Referral Discount

Referral Discount:

Refer a friend to our studio!  Both the NEW student and the CSD student who referred them, will receive a $25.00 credit on their accounts dated June 1, 2019.  This discount only applies to students taking full year classes (Sept-June).  There are no limits on the number of referral discounts per CSD student.  Be sure to tell your friends!


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